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MF 7.5mm X 130mm TIMCo YZP Concrete Screws PK100

Concrete Screws
  • Overview

The TIMco Multi-Fix Masonry screw offers a rapid and effective light duty anchoring system for fixing into concrete, brick, stone, concrete block and wood.

The concrete screw features a 30mm hi-lo starting thread for rapid installation and debris removal whilst offering a safe and secure fixing into most substrates.

This through fixing provides a single solution and replaces traditional fixings such as nylon frame and hammer fixings.


  • 7.5mm x 130mm
  • Yellow zinc Finish
  • Hybrid Countersink undercut head
  • Serrated V-threads to achieve optimum insertion into all masonry types
  • Door/Window frame installation screw
  • Smaller hole diameter
  • All metal, non-flammable fixing
  • Non-expansion, therefore reduces stress on the substrate


Free T30 Torx driver bit in every box

Drill size 6mm for soft materials, such as Hebel, Hollow Block etc...

Drill Size 6.5mm for Hard Material such as Concrete, Masonry etc...

More technical information can be found at http://www.timco.co.uk/fasteners-fixings/multi-fix/mf-range-screw