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Mungo M10 x 120mm MB Nylon Frame Plug + Zinc Hex Screw PK50

Frame Plug + Zinc Hex Head Screw
Mungo M10 x 120mm MB Nylon Frame Plug + Zinc Hex Screw PK50
SKU: MUNMBSS01121912
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  • ETAG 020 - Approved for multiple use in concrete and masonry for non-structural applications
  • Fire resistance test certification F90 for fastening of façade systems
  • Approved and suitable for applications in perforated brick, masonry and aerated concrete
  • Aerated Concrete: Drill-Ø 9mm, setting depth 90mm
  • MB with extended expansion zone for optimum applications in low density materials and hollow brick
  • Knock-in protection prevents premature expansion while installing
  • Wings stop the plug rotating in the drill hole
  • Oversize plugs moulded in one-piece up to the overall length of 300mm
  • Plug made from high-quality polyamide PA6
  • Through fixing
  • Indoor (zinc plated) and outdoor (stainless steel) applications