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MF 10mm X 100mm Nylon Frame Fixing Plugs PK100

Plastic Plugs
Heavy Duty Winged Nylon Frame Fixing Plugs
SKU: NFP10100/100
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Plug Diameter: 10mm

Length: 100mm

Screw Sizes: 10g - 14g

Coach Screw: 8mm

Type: Winged

Pack Size: 100pcs


Use 10mm Masonry Drill Bit to drill hole


  • Designed for use as a through fixing
  • Simply drill through frame into the wall
  • Ideal for fixing timber or metal window and door frames to concrete, stone, brick or blockwork
  • Anti rotation fins hold fixing secure during driving
  • Quality nylon plug
  • The plug core acts as a screw guide.
  • High strength fixing even in aerated concrete.